Equipped Advanced Bible Training Course

EQUIPPED! Bible Course is an international course for believers of all levels of understanding and pastors!


Why Study With Us?

  • Introducing Equipped Advanced Bible Training Course for Pastors – an internationally run free online Bible course developed with pastors in mind – to upskill and train Bible teachers from Genesis to Revelation.

  • This advanced level course was developed for those who want to upskill themselves in knowledge and understanding of how all the books of the Bible interlink, and how they complement, corroborate and explain each other.

  • Equipped Shincheonji Advanced Bible Training Course for Pastors has Christian pastors in mind who are longing for the necessary skill to effectively and clearly teach the Word from Genesis to Revelation – to handle the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).

  • The entire study journey, from start to finish, is completely free of charge. This allows pastors to focus on learning and engaging with God’s Word through thought-provoking online sessions twice a week with special review and Q&A sessions after each lesson.

Next Course Starting: Tuesday, 26 March 2024


Three times a week on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday


9 Months


The Bible

Last day for Enrolment & Registration:

Saturday, 16 March 2024

Orientation: Tuesday, 26 March 2024

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    The EQUIPPED! Advanced Bible Training Course is an international course for pastors and church leaders and is presented in South Africa. It was developed by Shincheonji Church of Jesus, an international church organisation. Shincheonji Church of Jesusis a branch church of this organisation in Southern Africa). The church has been in Southern Africa for more than 10 years and has been facilitating extensive Bible Courses for decades. It is a registered non-profit organisation with the heart of supporting churches to raise spiritually competent leaders serving the coming of God’s Kingdom in their respective communities and the world. We believe the Bible is God’s Word and when it is faithfully understood and taught, God speaks to us. (John 1:1)

  • Shincheonji Church of Jesus

    The aim of the course is to launch and encourage Christian leaders and pastors worldwide with deep biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, strong and empowered ministry and teaching skills, and a passion for making the Truth known by expanding God’s church and sparking a revival. Each pastor is encouraged to teach their local congregation well and strengthen the local church upon completion.


  • Understanding the full context of the Bible and being able to answer or explain difficult questions.
  • Understanding how each book in the Bible interlink to result and conclude in the last book, Revelation.
  • Seeing God’s plan for His people from Genesis through Revelation and help Christians to see themselves in Scripture.
  • Gain skills on how to train others in the Word of God.
  • The relationship between the Old and New Testament and the purpose of both.
  • Knowing and understanding God’s Covenants in the Bible. Pastors will study the covenant between God and Israel, the Ark of the Covenant, etc., and finally, the new covenant through the blood of Jesus. Each pastor will gain an understanding of how and why one must keep the covenant of God.
  • Understanding the will of God from Genesis to Revelation by looking at the 6000 years of history covered by the Bible.
  • In-depth study and understanding of God’s secrets throughout Scripture and why the Bible contains secrets.
  • Understanding the meaning, purpose and reality of the parables given by Jesus. The course examines parables in the Old and New Testament. Emphasis is placed on the divine purpose of God’s parables for His people.
  • Decoding the figurative language used throughout the whole Bible
  • Distinguishing between history, instructions, prophecy and its fulfilment in the Bible.
  • Decoding the book of Revelation. Understanding the prophecies about the End Times.



To qualify for the course each participant is expected to do small group/one-on-one lessons where the basics of the course are covered. These lessons will allow everyone to begin the course on the same page of understanding though they come from different backgrounds of faith, denominations, and level of training.

For each class, the participants will be connected to a facilitator that will accompany them throughout their EQUIPPED! journey. This facilitator will be the participant’s contact point throughout the course.

The duration of each class is roughly 1½ hours.
The classes will be comprised of the main lecture and discussion followed by small group discussions where answers to your pressing questions are given.


The 9 months course is broken into 3 interlinked phases with each one building on the next.

Pre-course lessons: Focuses on the foundation of the faithwalk of a believer

Faith, knowledge and the actions of true believers

Abraham the Father of Faith

The Old and New Covenants in context

The reason why Jesus is the Messiah

The parable of the Four Fields


Understanding the figurative language within the Gospels

  • How to discern between what comes from God and what comes from Satan
  • Why did Jesus speak in parables?
  • Decoding all the Parables in the Bible
  • How to keep the New Covenant
  • Understanding God’s will contained in the New Testament
  • Understanding the time that we are living in


History within the Bible

  • How the History of the Bible pertains to the believers today
  • Understanding the process and order of God’s work in each era of the Old Testament
  • Discovering the outcome of the chosen people in each era of the Old Testament
  • Prophecies of the Old Testament and their fulfillment (1st Coming)
  • How the Old Testament and the New Testament are connected
  • The promise of God hidden in the Lord’s Prayer
  • The wedding banquet of the Lamb
  • Bread of life from heaven
  • Unpacking the prophecies of Jesus about the second coming (Matthew 24 & 25)


Decoding the Book of Revelation

  • God’s plan to give Revelation to the world
  • Discover the three mysteries of Revelation
  • The book sealed with 7 seals and events that occur as the seals are opened
  • The three wars that take place in Revelation
  • The three plagues that take place in Revelation
  • The sounding 7th Trumpet and the creation of the Kingdom of God
  • God’s plan to return to the earth and to dwell with His creation


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